Resident Annual Reports

PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL DOCUMENTATION FOR RESIDENTS COMPLETING RESIDENCY TRAINING ON JUNE 30 SHOULD BE SUBMITTED BY JULY 1. For first, second and third year residents, all documentation is due within thirty (30) days of completion of residency training except the Faculty Evaluation Form which is due August 1 annually and the AOCR Verification of Information for 1st Year Resident's which is due within thirty (30) days of commencement of residency training. Failure to meet the deadline for submission will result in delayed evaluation by the AOCR.

NOTE: The Faculty Evaluation as Completed by the Resident and Individual Segregated Totals Form have been converted to online submission! Simply click the link, fill out the form, and click submit. Your answers will automatically be saved to our database.

Program Director Must Complete: 

**AOCR Program Director's Annual Report 
(requires resident's review and signature)

Resident Must Complete:

AOCR Faculty Evaluation as Completed by the Resident (due August 1 annually)

*AOCR Program Evaluation as Completed by the Resident (open/edit using Firefox or Internet Explorer)

AOCR Individual Segregated Totals Form  (preliminary reads should be included in the segregated totals)

CHROME USERS: We have been notified that the Program Evaluation does not save correctly when using Chrome. Please open and edit the Program Evaluation using Firefox or Internet Explorer.

First Year Resident's Must Also Complete:

AOCR Verification of Information for 1st Year Resident's (due within 30 days of beginning residency training)

Upon Completion of Training the following additional documents must be submitted: 

*AOCR Program Complete Summary - Final Resident Assessment

Mammography Letter (only has to be given to the resident, not required to submit to the AOCR).

Mammography requirements as defined by the Mammography Quality Standards Act Regulations (MQSA) can be found here.

*These forms can be opened and completed from your computer.  Save the completed form on your computer and rename with your name and then e-mail to
**The Program Director's Annual Report will have to be printed, signatures obtained and submit to the AOCR office.  The forms may be scanned and e-mailed to or faxed to 660-265-3494. 

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