Honors, Awards & Fellows

Recipients of the Distinguished Service Award
The AOCR's highest honor, this award is presented to recognize extraordinary meritorious service to the AOCR. 

Recipients of the Distinguished Service Certificate
This award was given one time to honor the contributions of Dr. Colvin to the AOCR Scientific Exhibit Committee. This award has since been discontinued.

Recipients of the Certificate of Meritorious Service
This award is presented to recognize an individual's contributions to the AOCR's continuing medical education programs and to the education of residents whom they have trained.

Recipients of the Dr. Floyd J. Trenery Memorial Medal
This medal was created in 1953 as a memorial to Dr. Trenery but was given retroactively back to 1941, as lectures had been dedicated to Dr. Trenery annually. Dr. Trenery was an AOCR member who lectured at the first two AOCR meetings in 1941 and 1942 and then passed away prior to the 1943 meeting. Originally a lecture was given annually, and the speaker was presented the medal following the lecture. In 2007, the lecture was discontinued, and the medal was awarded based on the contributions to AOCR didactic programs. The award was retired in 2017.

Fellows of the American Osteopathic College of Radiology
Members may be nominated for Fellowship in the AOCR who by outstanding contributions to the healing art, to the practice of radiology, to research or for such other meritorious services have reflected credit upon this organization and the osteopathic profession at large. In order to be considered for this honor, members must meet the criteria established by the Board of Directors.

Recipients of Life Membership
Life Membership may be granted by the Board of Directors to any Active Member who has held continuous membership for the immediately preceding fifteen years and who has reached the age of 65. Upon receiving Life Membership, members enjoy the remainder of their membership years at a complimentary rate.

Medal for Service on Committee Recipients
This medal is given to members who have served three consecutive years on an AOCR committee. 

Recipients of Honorary Membership
Honorary Membership is intended to recognize individuals who have shown outstanding dedication and commitment to the AOCR.


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