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Week 17

45 yo M with history of GBM and hydrocephalus.

Axial DWI, axial FLAIR, axial T1 post.

  Week 16 Case

55 yo M presents with a chronic ankle fracture deformity & continued lateral ankle pain

Week 15 Case

60yo M presents w/ painful swelling of left lower face
A)Axial CT postcontrast image at level of submandibular gland in soft tissue window.
B)Axial CT postcontrast image at level of base of the mandible in bone window.


Week 14 Case

93yo M presents to the ED with complaints of diffuse abdominal pain w/ 3 episodes of diarrhea and bloody stool.
CT abdomen/pelvis with contrast in axial and coronal planes.


 Week 13 Case

72yo F presents to the ED with syncope.
Axial FLAIR, Sagital T1.

 Week 12 Case

52yo F presents with long history of seizure.
Axial noncontrast CT of the brain.

Week 11 Case

16 year old female complaining of left hip and groin pain
MRI demonstrates narrowing of the ischiofemoral space (yellow line) on axial sequences (A, B).
Edema is present within the quadratus femoris muscle at the level of the ischiofemoral space, as evidenced by increased signal on fluid sensitive sequences (orange arrows).

Week 10 Case

52 yo F presents to the ED with complaints of chest pain & dry cough. CT angiogram of the chest: axial & coronal soft tissue windows (A-C), axial lung windows (D).

Week 9 Case

33 yo F presents to the ED with a syncopal episode at work
Axial T1 post, axial FLAIR, axial DWI

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